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    Petsky Prunier Advises Cambridge BioMarketing on its Sale to Everyday Health View Details

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    Petsky Prunier Advises Big Data Marketing Analytics Firm RPM Direct on its Sale to EXL View Details

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    Petsky Prunier Advises MediMedia on its Sale of MediMedia Pharma Solutions to ICON View Details

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    Petsky Prunier Advises Decipher on its Sale to FocusVision View Details

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    Petsky Prunier Advises Health Market Science on its Sale to LexisNexis View Details

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  • “We hired Petsky Prunier in 2013, long before we were ready to go to market, in order to thoughtfully prepare for the eventual sale process. Nobody in the investment banking world knows healthcare like they do and the Petsky Prunier team generated a custom strategy, managed an extensive outreach process, developed multiple offers from strategic and financial parties, and ultimately closed with an outstanding new partner."

    Steve West, Chairman, Cambridge BioMarketing Group

  • "As a Big Data and Marketing Analytics firm, we needed an advisor that not only understood our business model but also that could help us achieve our specific shareholder objectives. Sanjay and his team at Petsky Prunier worked 24/7 to help us position our company in the right manner to the market, led every stage of the transaction, and ended up finding a great strategic buyer for us that we were not even aware of. They exceeded our expectations in every way."

    David Denaci, CEO, RPM Direct

  • "Petsky Prunier has been a long-standing transaction advisor. Their deep experience and expertise in the healthcare industry is unmatched. Petsky Prunier provided invaluable support throughout the entire process, which ultimately led us to the best strategic buyer."

    Tim Search, President, MediMedia Pharma Solutions

  • “Petsky Prunier has been a strategic partner of MediMedia for many years. Petsky Prunier exceeds our expectations and delivers top results. We value their guidance and expertise, and we look forward to working with Petsky Prunier again.”

    Andrew Cavanna, Managing Director, Healthcare Co-Head, Vestar Capital Partners

  • “The Petsky Prunier team positioned us well for a successful transaction, developed multiple offers from potential strategic and financial partners, and closed an attractive outcome with a strategic acquirer -- FocusVision, backed by Thompson Street Capital Partners. It was a pleasure to work with Petsky Prunier, whose constant focus on the transaction from start to finish enabled us to concentrate on growing our business.”

    Jamin Brazil, Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Decipher

  • "DDC Advocacy works daily with global Fortune 500 clients to achieve their critical multi-billion dollar business objectives through public relations, public affairs, and advocacy work. In selling our company to a multi-billion dollar revenue buyer, the imperative was just as critical for us, and so we chose Petsky Prunier as our advisor. We couldn't be happier with our new partners at Omnicom and the business and financial deal that Petsky Prunier took the lead in helping us strike."

    B.R. McConnon, CEO, DDC Advocacy

  • “The Petsky Prunier team was professional and hands-on over the course of the process, and their skills were invaluable in driving this transaction to a successful conclusion.”

    Jay Grobowsky, CEO, DoctorDirectory

  • “Petsky Prunier's team, led by Sanjay Chadda, is the most professional, detail-oriented deal team on the street. They successfully navigated complex, nuanced, multi-party business issues with poise, confidence, and ease, always offering constructive solutions and finding paths to come to the best solution for all sides. Petsky Prunier’s knowledge of the digital media space and the depth of their contacts is unparalleled in the investment banking world."

    Richard Steel, CEO, Steel Media

  • “Petsky Prunier has been a great transaction advisor. They combine M&A savvy with an impressive understanding of the healthcare technology and marketing services marketplace. Petsky Prunier helped us achieve a transaction with an outstanding strategic partner."

    Stephen Wray, CEO, Cadient Group

  • "Petsky Prunier provided expansive market reach and valuable expertise in technology and marketing that created an effective process and, ultimately, a successful outcome for Visible."

    Richard Pasewark, CEO, Visible Technologies

  • “I am very excited to have a financial partner to accelerate our growth and better serve our clients. We have the most experienced group of travel marketing professionals at Miles and are excited to continue helping our clients achieve their operating goals and marketing objectives. Petsky Prunier was critical to the financing process and understood our industry and business model, a rare combination in an advisor.”

    Roger Miles, CEO, Miles Partnership

  • “Petsky Prunier helped us navigate a large universe of potential partners, including Money Mailer. We are excited to bring these two iconic brands together and redefine how local businesses reach new customers.”

    Craig Swill, CEO, Welcome Wagon

  • “We are delighted with the opportunity to join with Money Mailer and grateful to Petsky Prunier for their market knowledge, negotiating skills, and commitment throughout the process. They were our partners until the end of the deal. Many thanks to their team!”

    Steve Goodman, President & COO, Welcome Wagon

  • “Petsky Prunier provided invaluable counsel and support throughout the entire process, working tirelessly to bring about a successful outcome.”

    Jon Baron, CEO & Co-Founder, TagMan

  • "We chose Petsky Prunier for the firm's deep experience in the eCommerce and digital marketing fields and its ability to put our opportunity in front of the right strategic buyers. Our Petsky Prunier team did that and more. We are very glad to have chosen Petsky Prunier and look forward to continuing that association."

    Jerry McLaughlin, Chairman & CEO,

  • "We selected Petsky Prunier because they had a deep understanding of our content, commerce, and community model, and we had confidence they would help us articulate it, which they did superbly. Over the course of the assignment we became even greater fans because their advice was consistently high quality and always right."

    Stephen J. Kent, President & CEO, New Track Media

  • “Petsky Prunier ran a very strong process for us. They were thoughtful about our business as it stands today and how it will develop. As a result, they were able to bring a broad range of interesting strategic buyers to the table. Petsky Prunier has a highly professional team, and we would recommend them to anyone.”

    Elizabeth Granville-Smith, Managing Director, BV Investment Partners

  • “We have had a long relationship with Petsky Prunier, their healthcare domain expertise and strategic counsel have been invaluable to us over the years. Chris and the team really sweated the details and provided excellent service while working on this transaction. I highly recommend them.”

    Bill Goldberg, CEO, MediMedia USA

  • "Petsky Prunier was an excellent advisor at every step of our process. The firm's indepth knowledge of the media space, combined with superior deal-making skills, maximized the outcome for our shareholders, while aligning us with the optimal strategic partner that will accelerate the growth of the FreshSpace business."

    Chris Barkley, President, FreshSpace Media

  • "Petsky Prunier’s deep domain expertise in advertising technology and extensive network of quality investor relationships proved to be an asset to us during our Series B fundraising round. Their expertise and wise counsel guided us through the process, setting a solid foundation for the company's accelerated growth and market expansion."

    Frost Prioleau, CEO and co-founder,

  • "Petsky Prunier was the right choice for us. They know the online customer acquisition space cold. The deal team was extremely responsive and was always willing to go the extra mile. The transaction process can be an emotional roller coaster for any entrepreneur/CEO, and Sanjay was always there to provide sound advice not only on the business, but on a personal level as well. I highly recommend them."

    Akshay Patel, CEO, LeadKarma

  • “The expertise and perspectives provided to SQAD by the Petsky Prunier team were extremely insightful, and were invaluable as we searched for the partner that best shared SQAD’s growth strategy. Petsky Prunier kept us focused and worked effectively to keep all parties informed and supplied with all required information from beginning to end. Our thanks to them for a job well done!”

    Neil Klar, CEO, SQAD

  • "Petsky Prunier has delivered a level of partnership seldom found in the business world today. They possess an uncommon breadth of strategic insight, industry knowledge and transaction expertise. We've benefited from more than a decade long relationship with them, which will continue to grow. I recommend them highly."

    Tom Dearden, CEO, Datamark

  • “We have enjoyed a long partnership with the combined Altium and Petsky Prunier team and have found them to be extremely easy to work with. Their combination of a local senior team with extensive international reach has helped deliver an excellent process. We look forward to working as part of the EMIS Group towards delivering improved healthcare solutions for patients."

    Stephen Critchlow, CEO, Ascribe

  • “From beginning to end, Petsky Prunier provided exceptional leadership in the CitizenHawk transaction. They are highly professional and supremely hard working. Most impressively, however, they exceeded our expectations of what was possible."

    Clayton Lewis, partner, Maveron LLC

  • “Petsky Prunier’s experience and knowledge of the social and marketing tech space allowed us to hit the ground running immediately after engaging them. On a tight timetable, they managed a process that brought us a number of highly attractive options and, ultimately, partnered us together with the firm that offered the most strategic and financial value to our organization."

    Jamie Tedford, CEO, Brand Networks

  • “Throughout the process, the Petsky Prunier team turned us into pros, from beginning to closing. We regularly received input from suitors that we were superbly prepared and, while that was flattering, the credit was due to Petsky Prunier. It is a monstrous task and the heavy-lifting was done by the Petsky Prunier team. I couldn't have even imagined the process could go as well as it did. Petsky Prunier saw to it!”

    Dean Sleeper, CEO, AccessVia

  • "Petsky Prunier has been a great long-term advisor. They combine deal savvy with a commanding knowledge of the market. Petsky Prunier helped us move quickly with an assurance of capitalizing on the right opportunity."

    Vince Parrinello, CEO, & Kevin Berg, chairman, River North Group

  • "Petsky Prunier excelled in all aspects of the process from the relationships, to the execution, to the advice. The guidance they gave us was right every step of the way."

    Greg Murtagh, CEO & founder, Triad Retail Media

  • “Petsky Prunier did what they said they were going to do. They knew the industry landscape, ran a smart process and delivered us a variety of strategic and private equity options.”

    Jeff Saunders, President, avVenta Worldwide

  • "We worked closely with Petsky Prunier to navigate a complex transaction with an international buyer that produced both an excellent return for our investors and a great opportunity for our company going forward."

    Tony Zito, CEO, mediaFORGE

  • "Petsky Prunier worked incredibly hard, delivered terrific advice, and supported us through a process in which we assessed a wide array of options. They surpassed my expectations."

    Laurence Hallier, founder and CEO, Show Media

  • "Petsky Prunier really understands digital businesses. They knew exactly who to call on our transaction and delivered a great investor to us. They have been excellent partners."

    David Steinberg, CEO, XL Marketing

  • "Petsky Prunier delivered bulge bracket advice, relationships, service, and execution."

    Mitchell Weisman, CEO, LifeStreet

  • "BrightTag is redefining how brands connect to the myriad of digital marketing services available today. The team at Petsky Prunier supports our bold vision to make online data instantly useful and drive more innovation in online marketing. We appreciate the unique perspective they offer, as well as their proven experience in this industry."

    Mike Sands, CEO, BrightTag

  • "Petsky Prunier did a superior job attracting buyers to our process, and they handled every aspect of our transaction with the utmost of professionalism and care. They were responsive to our every need and very thoughtful regarding negotiations with potential buyers. They were completely committed to helping SkyMall achieve a successful outcome, and we couldn’t be happier with them!"

    Christine Aguilera, President, SkyMall

  • "I hired a bulge bracket firm the first time I tried to sell our business a few years ago. In retrospect, I should have hired Petsky Prunier the first time. They knew the buyers better, how to position our digital media/healthcare company, manage the process, and delivered a range of tremendous options. They are my bankers for life."

    Josh Babyak, Former Chairman,,