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Petsky Prunier will present its Fall 2018 Spotlight Dinner in New York City on Wednesday, November 7th, at the Princeton Club of New York.

Spotlight Dinners

We'd like to thank the following speakers who presented at our Fall 2018 Spotlight Dinner in New York on November 7th:

  • Jonny Townsend, Co-Founder, Circus Street
  • Rick West, CEO, Field Agent
  • Kayvon Bina, Co-Founder, Metric Collective
  • George Russell, CEO, PureRED
  • Mitchell Weisman, CEO, RevJet
  • Andrew Feigenson, CEO, Simmons Research
  • John Buckley, CEO, Subject Matter
  • Ron Elwell, CEO, Swoop
  • Shelby Walsh, President, Trend Hunter
  • Eric Berry, CEO, TripleLift
  • Bill Adler, CEO, True Fit
  • Jamie Rosen, CEO, WayBetter

Selected agendas from past Spotlight events: