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Petsky Prunier will present its Fall 2014 Spotlight Dinner in New York on Wednesday, November 5, at the Princeton Club of New York.

Spotlight Dinners

We would like to thank the following speakers who presented at our Spring 2014 Spotlight Dinner in San Francisco on March 26:

Peter Daboll, CEO, Ace Metrix
Paul Bates, VP of Advertiser Solutions, Convertro
Oren Harnevo, CEO, Eyeview
Jon Walsh, CEO, Fuse Powered
Vivek Vaidya, CTO, Krux
Jason Benedict, CEO, Manifest Digital
Ernie Cormier, CEO & President, Nexage
Tony Jamous, CEO, Nexmo
Tom Serres, CEO,
Anu Shukla, CEO, RewardsPay
Tom Gerace, CEO, Skyword
Mark Douglas, CEO & President, SteelHouse
Manish Patel, CEO, Where 2 Get It
Dipanshu Sharma, CEO, xAd

2014 Spring Spotlight Dinner Agenda

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