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Petsky Prunier will present its Spring 2017 Spotlight Dinner on Wednesday, April 26th at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco's Financial District.

Spotlight Dinners

The preliminary list of executives who will present at Petsky Prunier's Spring Spotlight dinner on April 26th includes:

  • Anil Kaul, CEO, Absolutdata
  • Lev Mazin, CEO, Ask Your Target Market
  • Tom Thimot, CEO, Clarity Insights
  • Karan Walia, CEO, Cluep
  • Kurt Kratchman, COO, Grapeshot
  • Michael Murray, CEO & President, ItemMaster
  • Doug Bewsher, CEO, Leadspace
  • Dave Currie, CEO, List Partners
  • Tim Nett, Managing Partner, Picture Head
  • Dominic Edmunds, CEO, SaleCycle
  • Chris Kelly, CEO, Survata
  • Erik Huddleston, CEO, TrendKite
  • Michael Mothner, CEO, Wpromote

Spring 2017 Spotlight Dinner Agenda

Selected agendas from past Spotlight events: